BSB50120 – Diploma of Business


Tomorrow’s Business Leaders

Unlock your leadership potential with a Diploma of Business, designed for tomorrow’s business leaders. Gain the skills and insights needed to navigate the dynamic corporate landscape with confidence. This comprehensive program equips you with strategic thinking, effective communication, and problem-solving abilities essential for success. Join us and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a visionary business manager.

Nationally Accredited Training

Our virtual classrooms offers you to flexibility to learn from the comfort of your own home or office yet still participate in forums, meet one-on-one with educators, and enjoy the opportunity for discussion and collaboration with other learners.


What you will achieve

Learning Outcomes

Dive into our comprehensive curriculum, meticulously designed with a blend of theory and practical application, covers essential topics such as:

  • managing business resources
  • managing budgets & financial plans
  • leading communication in the workplace
  • developing critical thinking in others
Course Outcomes

You will gain a deep understanding of key business concepts and develop the practical knowledge and competencies needed to excel in the corporate market:

  • communication skills needed for complex discussions
  • exposure to real business documentation, legislation, and policy
  • collaboration and teamwork to meet project objectives
  • educational pathways to futher your own development and career

Before You Enrol

Entry Requirements

Some courses require evidence of previous experience, study or capability before your enrolment is accepted.

  • There are no specific requirements for enrolment into this qualification
  • You may enrol today.
Entry Recommendations

To be sufficienlty prepared for this qualification, we recommend that you review your capabilities, prior to enrolment:

  • Experience in teamwork or supervising teams
  • Strong communication skills
  • Access to a strong an reliabile internet connection
  • The ability to access and navigate the internet and use MicrosoftOffice suite
  • Language, Literacy, and Numeracy at at least the Year 12 High School level

What You Will Study

To be awarded the BSB50120 – Diploma of Business, you must successfully complete 12 units, including the five (5) core units and seven (7) elective units from the list below.

Core units

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to develop critical and creative thinking skills in others within a workplace context.

The unit applies to individuals who are developing and coaching others, for whom critical thinking skills (including analysis, synthesis, and evaluation) are an important part of their job roles. This unit applies to individuals who are typically responsible for leading teams.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to undertake financial management in an organisation or work area. It includes planning and implementing financial management approaches and supporting and evaluating effectiveness of financial management processes.

The unit applies to managers in a wide range of organisations and sectors who have responsibility for the effective use of financial resources within work teams. They are responsible for ensuring that financial resources are managed in line with the financial objectives of the team and organisation.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to manage resources according to planned business strategies. It includes analysing resource requirements, developing resource plans, allocating resources, and reviewing and reporting on resource usage.

The unit applies to individuals with a role in allocating and monitoring the use of physical and/or human resources to meet defined business objectives.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to develop and implement workplace sustainability policies and to modify the policy to suit changed circumstances.

The unit applies to individuals with managerial responsibilities who undertake work developing approaches to create, monitor and improve strategies and policies within workplaces. These individuals also engage with a range of relevant stakeholders and specialists.

‘Sustainability’ in this unit refers to a broad approach that focuses on the minimisation of an organisation’s social, economic and environmental impact, as well as proactive value creation in these areas.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to lead communication in the workplace within any industry.

This unit has a specific focus on the communication skills required for team leaders with responsibility for other workers.

Elective Units

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to identify, evaluate and take advantage of marketing opportunities by analysing market data, distinguishing characteristics of possible markets and assessing viability of changes to operations.

The unit applies to individuals working in a supervisory or management marketing or advertising role within a marketing or advertising team or media organisation.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to forecast, evaluate and draw insights from international market intelligence to promote business development.

The unit applies to individuals who with a considerable understanding of international business management and possess the managerial and supervisory skills to facilitate the effective functioning of business activities.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to profile and analyse consumer behaviours for a range of international markets.

The unit applies to individuals who have managerial responsibility for selecting and confirming appropriate international markets by identifying target markets, analysing customer behaviour and recommending strategies.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to promote products and services to international markets in line with the organisational marketing plan and strategy for a specified target market.

The unit applies to individuals who have a managerial-level responsibility for promoting products and services to international markets. This includes planning, coordinating and reviewing of promotional activities. These individuals use well-developed problem-solving skills to create solutions to unpredictable problems through analysis and evaluation of information from a variety of sources.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to analyse data from a range of sources and to report findings of that data analysis.

The unit applies to those typically in roles required to analyse data, communicate trends and make recommendations.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to develop and coordinate data management and use a data management plan to ensure relevant stakeholders have sufficient access for organisational purposes.

The unit applies to individuals who are responsible for ensuring that data is readily available and accessible for analysis. It applies to a wide range of data such as business performance data, customer data, statistical data and financial data.

This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to develop a big data strategy that reflects the needs and capabilities of an organisation and supports its business goals. It involves applying business processes and information relating to policy issues and new and emerging technologies during strategy development.

It applies to those who work in a broad range of industries and job roles who lead strategic approaches to big data analysis.


Your Future Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Graduates may progress their career in corporate management roles, including:

  • Business Development Representative
  • Business Development Manager
  • General Manager

in commercial, government, and not-for-profit organsiations.

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